Privacy-Assured Inc. analyzes the Canadian market need for emerging technologies, identifies regional and local resellers to adopt and sell the technology, and helps resellers throughout from pre-sales support, to marketing, to training and technology adoption.

Our customer base includes some of the largest enterprise solution providers in North America, as well as smaller, niche-focused solution providers. Through its network of partners, Privacy-Assured Inc.:

  • Services the five major Canadian banks with long standing installations
  • Is used by and recommended by the 4 Major Global Auditing Firms for clients throughout the world
  • Is entrenched in many Canadian global and small/medium sized companies for both their PCI and PII requirements.

Privacy-Assured Inc’s Value for Canadian Resellers

  • Local sales support
  • Market intelligence
  • Lead generation programs
  • Business development initiatives
  • Post-sales follow-up
  • Localized lead management
  • Co-marketing campaigns
  • Event development & coordination
  • Local technical support
  • Sales/technical training including demonstrations and evaluations
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