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RiskIQ provides the visibility and intelligence organizations need to secure their Digital Footprint. Using a global proxy network and virtual user technology, RiskIQ continuously discovers and creates an inventory of managed, unmanaged and rogue web and mobile assets. This “Digital Footprint” is persistently scanned for anomalies, external threats, malvertisements and brand impersonation. Leading financial institutions, insurance providers and consumer, as well as B2B brands, use RiskIQ to protect themselves and their users from code-level threats, malware and fraud.

RiskIQ Proprietary Technology

The RiskIQ technology discovers and inventories an enterprise’s entire collection of digital assets. Our highly scalable data collection and analysis engine is configured to detect online threats to your organization and can also be used to detect custom policy infringements that you determine.

Scanning Obfuscating

RiskIQ’s technology goes beyond simple crawling to emulate real user activity. By varying browsers, click pattern and time on page, our virtual users behave exactly as a human online user would, enabling our technology to continuously monitor while evading anti-malware detection systems. The virtual users are launched from a global proxy network that covers more than 520 egress points in 40+ countries and is constantly evolving.

Scanning Frontiers at Scale

Our technology allows us to have a comprehensive view of the web and mobile frontiers. RiskIQ monitors 9M+ websites and 141+ mobile app stores daily, adding more site and app store crawls continually. We combine a wide view with a deep view: within the websites and mobile app stores that we monitor, RiskIQ captures the Document Object Model, any third-party code libraries used and any other associated meta data needed to recreate the user session.

Customized Detection, Policies and Mitigation

In addition to detecting instances of malware and other online threats to an organization, RiskIQ enables its customers to create their own policies to detect instances of digital assets that may bring the organization out of compliance. Multiple built-in and external enforcement options are available to mitigate or remediate incidents discovered by RiskIQ. Enforcement options include sending notifications to ISPs, app stores and registrars or integrating with your in-house or outsourced notification and take-down provider.

Our Data

Our technology expands your organization’s capabilities to include web-scale crawling and analysis. We have been gathering data on malware, exploits, malvertisements and mobile app stores since 2009, and this historical data allows RiskIQ customers to proactively defend against threats to their customers and employees.

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