Dataguise helps organizations safely leverage their enterprise data with a comprehensive risk-based data protection solution.  By automatically locating sensitive data, transparently protecting it with high performance Masking on-Demand™, and providing actionable intelligence to managers, Dataguise improves data risk management, operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance costs.


Most Enterprises Don’t Know Where Their Sensitive Data Resides!

Keeping track of sensitive information in the enterprise has never been more important, and more challenging for managers. Typical large enterprises can have thousands of databases deployed in their environments while virtualization and cloud computing technologies make deploying new database application instances easier than ever. Databases supporting production, test and development applications may contain sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), account numbers or proprietary information. Furthermore, queries against these databases are used to populate documents stored in file systems or Microsoft SharePoint servers.

DgDiscover helps enterprises identify and locate sensitive data within their organizations. DgDiscover’s “Find IT” capability identifies Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, and other database instances running in the network. Next, DgDiscover’s “Search IT” capability looks for sensitive data within structured and unstructured repositories. DgDiscover employs sophisticated pattern matching algorithms to automatically identify a wide variety of sensitive data types such as credit card numbers, birth dates, social security numbers, and phone numbers, and creates detailed reports showing where this information resides in database tables. In addition to databases, DgDiscover has the unique ability to apply the same search policies to files systems and SharePoint servers to identify sensitive data contained in text and document files. DgDiscover includes a library of predefined templates for quickly conducting PII, PCI and HIPAA searches. It provides a completely customizable search rule base which can be tailored to support specific use cases, and generates an easy to interpret graphical summary of search results to satisfy management and audit reporting requirements.


Masking Data Helps Meet Compliance Requirements

Enterprise-class data masking capability for database and files that disguises sensitive data required for application testing.  It is easy-to-use, scalable and helps protect sensitive data when shared with internal test teams, 3rd party developers and offshore vendors.

Dataguise DgMasker™ masks sensitive data in nonproduction environments to help enterprises meet various compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, PII and SOX. dgmasker delivers a highly automated advanced data privacy solution that lets application developers and testers test applications against production data without being exposed to sensitive data.

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